(Blu-ray) Star-Mu: The Musical

(Blu-ray) Star-Mu: The Musical

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Release Date:9/6/17
Catalog number: GNXA-1809

Packaged Bonus: Booklet & Bonus Disc (feat. backstage footage and more)

Fans, the wait is over: announcing the stage musical for popular anime series “Star-Myu!”

Yuta Hoshitani has entered Ayanagi Academy, a school specializing in the field of music and performing arts. Inspired by a student from Ayanagi that he saw dancing alone at a rainy festival, he has his sights set on joining the school's Musical Department.

There is a shortcut to getting there: becoming a member of a Star Team, a special team under the guidance of a member of the Kao Council, an organization composed of the top stars among the Musical Department third years.

At the audition for candidates seeking entry to the Musical Department, Hoshitani catches the eye of the eccentric Otori, and begins his training with sights set on the Musical Department in his Star Team, along with the other four chosen members. Together they make Team Otori!

Taishi Sugie
Arthur Lounsbery
Kensuke Takahashi
Shota Yamanaka
Keito Sakurai
Naoya Kitazawa
Yuzuki Hoshimoto
Seiji Tanzawa
Ryo Takazawa
Minami Tsurimoto
Ryo Hatakeyama
Akira Takano
Shogo Suzuki
Haruki Kiyama

Teppei Yamamoto
Yukiya Takashi
Ryohei Yamauchi
Neo Sawabe


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