(Album) Ensemble Stars! Album Series - Valkyrie [First Run Limited Edition]

(Album) Ensemble Stars! Album Series - Valkyrie [First Run Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 11/28/2018
Specifications: 2 CD Set/Exclusive Cover Art
Catalog Number: FFCG-89

8th in the super popular Ensemble Stars! Album Series is Valkyrie! In addition to their 4 existing songs, this CD contains 3 brand new unit songs and a solo from each character - a total of 9 tracks!

First Run Limited Editions feature a second CD containing character commentary, as well as an album book and an acrylic stand all packed in a deluxe display box!!

01. Miwaku Geki
02. Raisan Uta
03. Memoire Antique
04. Koyoi Tsuki no Yakata ni te
05. Last Lament
06. Sei Shounen Yuugi (Past Valkyrie/BONUS TRACK)
07. Sajou no Roukaku (Past Valkyrie/BONUS TRACK)
08. Cloth Waltz (Shu Itsuki Solo)
09. Kohaku to Ruri no Rinbukyoku (Mika Kagehira Solo)

≪Artist (s)≫
Hiroki Takahashi
Jun Osuka

(C)2014 Happy Elements K. K

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