(Cosplay - Weapon) (Takumitoubou) NEU-151-f: Tosho Series - Izuminokami Kanesada Daito [w/ Storage bag]

(Cosplay - Weapon) (Takumitoubou) NEU-151-f: Tosho Series - Izuminokami Kanesada Daito [w/ Storage bag]

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Release Date:March-15

Total length: 105cm (Blade Length: 73cm, Hilt: 25.5cm)
Weight: approx. 1210g
Scabbard: approx. 975g

Scabbard: Japanese magnolia wood
Hilt: Plastic (shirozame pattern)
Metal Mountings: Alloy
Cord, Hilt Ribbon: Black rayon
Fuchi (hilt collar), kashira (pommel): Plain black mountings
Menuki (hilt ornaments): Ryuzu menuki (dragon pattern hilt ornaments)

- Tanabatazu tsuba (Tanabata decoration emblem grip guard)
- Shinogi toushin (ridged blade) with replica Kanesada hamon (blade pattern)
- Indenfuushu nuri (Indian style vermilion finish) scabbard
- Hijikata scabbard tip

※This is a replica sword. Please use it for ornamental and cosplay purposes. When carrying in public, you will be required to wrap it in a cloth or keep it inside a bag out of view of those around you.

※No special permission or qualification or license is required to own or purchase this item, but as it is very dangerous to point it at or swing it around people, please handle it carefully.

※The purchase of imitation swords by individuals under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited.

※Our store is not liable for trouble of any nature that may occur through the usage of this item, so please handle it with thorough care and responsibility.

※The included storage bag is made to be used with replica swords, so please do not use it to store or carry heavier objects. Also, the bag specifications are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.

※We do not have this item in our store stockpile, and will send for units from the manufacturers upon receiving your order. If the manufacturer's stockpile happens to run out we will have to cancel your order. Please understand this in advance.

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