(Drama CD) Yes, My Destiny (Kashikomarimashita, Destiny) side: Master

(Drama CD) Yes, My Destiny (Kashikomarimashita, Destiny) side: Master

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Release Date:4/21/17>
Catalog number: GNG-1713

In 2016, one of the the most dramatic love stories of the year saw a new drama CD release two months in a row!

[ side:Master ]
Aoi Tojo was born into a noble family. An omega, when his father died, discord with his step-mother led to him being driven out of the house.

Miyauchi, the butler who had attended on him ever since he was small, goes with him to support him in his new life. Aoi, who was once the son of a noble family, finds his life completely changed - he is employed as a servant to major automobile manufacturers House Saionji. There Aoi finds his destined mate, and the object of his five-year long crush: the heir of House Saionji, Jiro Saionji...

This is the dramatic love story of two men of different social standings, at the mercy of destiny.

≪Character Introduction≫
・Aoi Tojo (CV. Yuto Suzuki)
Ω (Omega) Former son of House Tojo. A strong, centered boy who decided that he will not bow down to his fate of having been born an omega - he will choose his own path and stay positive as he keeps moving forward. He's been in love with Jiro Saionji for a long time.

・Jiro Saionji (CV. Tasuku Hatanaka)
α (Alpha) The heir of House Saionji. Constantly battling the pressure of being the heir to a distinguished house. Wanting to escape from everyone's overly heavy expectations, he tries to deny his feelings as he is drawn to Aoi, his destined mate, but...

・Miyauchi (CV. Kazuyuki Okitsu)
β (Beta) Aoi's former butler. Was always by his side serving him since he was small. Has always harbored love for Aoi.

・Kudo (CV. Tomoaki Maeno)
α (Alpha) Jiro's butler. The head butler who manages the Saionji estate. He has a foul mouth and the face of a gangster, but he is a very skilled butler. As a fellow butler, he is vexed by Miyauchi and his feelings for his former master Aoi.

Yuto Suzuki
Tasuku Hatanaka
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Tomoaki Maeno

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