(Drama CD) The Poppy Skirt

(Drama CD) The Poppy Skirt

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Release Date: 06/27/2019

Popular young actresses Yu Serizawa and Aimi Tanaka star in this girls' love Drama CD! Set at a voice acting academy, a sweet and painful love blooms.

To Ayase Rei, make-up is life, not romance. Whenever her friend Sasaki tries to talk about their love lives, she just listens in boredom. "I have no interest in romance, you know," she says.

One day, a girl named Yuki Hina comes to Ayase, asking her to teach her about make-up. Ayase begins a "Hina-chan Transformation Project," but as she gets to know Yuki better, she starts to get painful squeezes in her chest. She realizes that it's not simple admiration, but a different kind of emotion.

"Do you know what this feeling is called?"

A flickering first love, at a voice acting academy.

01. I want to be cute
02. Hina-chan Transformation Project
03. Madeleine Love
04. Soft and Shivering Heart
05. Overflowing Feelings
06. Poppy Skirt
07. Cast Talk
08. Watashi no Skirt
09. Watashi no Skirt_instrumental

Ayase Rei: CV. Yu Serizawa
Yuki Hina: CV. Aimi Tanaka
Sasaki: CV. Natsumi Ooshita
Extras: CV. Kenta Nobe, Toshinobu Iida

Theme Song: Watashi no Skirt
Vocals: Yuki Hina (CV: Aimi Tanaka)
Composition & Arrangement: Rs & Harmony
Lyrics: Yuuri
MIX/MASTERING rosso: (muLogicStudioTokyo)

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