What are your shipping method options?

Our system currently only supports EMS shipping.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all regions outside Japan reached by EMS shipping, with some exceptions. Some countries that can be selected on our website contain certain areas that EMS shipping cannot reach. Please understand that if you enter one of these areas as the delivery destination, we must cancel the order. For details on affected areas, please see here.

Do you ship within Japan? 

No, we do not ship within Japan. Customers living in Japan can use the animate Online Shop Japan. The animate Online Shop Japan offers customer support in both English and Chinese, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

What are the postage/shipping fees?

Postage/shipping fees will be incurred on top of the price of the items displayed on this site, and are as follows:

Unit : JPY

  Asia Oceania ・ North / Central America ・ Middle East Europe South America ・ Africa
0-500g 1,900 2,500 2,700 2,900
501g-600g 2,040 2,680 2,900 3,240
601g-700g 2,180 2,860 3,100 3,580
701g-800g 2,320 3,040 3,300 3,920
801g-900g 2,460 3,220 3,500 4,260
901g-1.0kg 2,600 3,400 3,700 4,600
1.01kg-1.25kg 2,900 3,800 4,150 5,400
1.26kg-1.5kg 3,200 4,200 4,600 6,200
1.51kg-1.75kg 3,500 4,600 5,050 7,000
1.76kg-2.0kg 3,800 5,000 5,500 7,800
2.01kg-2.5kg 4,300 5,700 6,300 9,300
2.51kg-3.0kg 4,800 6,400 7,100 10,800
3.01-3.5kg 5,300 7,100 7,900 12,300
3.51kg-4.0kg 5,800 7,800 8,700 13,800
4.01kg-4.5kg 6,300 8,500 9,500 15,300
4.51kg-5.0kg 6,800 9,200 10,300 16,800
5.01kg-5.5kg 7,300 9,900 11,100 18,300
5.51kg-6.0kg 7,800 10,600 11,900 19,800
6.01kg-7.0kg 8,600 11,700 13,200 21,900
7.01kg-8.0kg 9,400 12,800 14,500 24,000
8.01kg-9.0kg 10,200 13,900 15,800 26,100
9.01kg-10.0kg 11,000 15,000 17,100 28,200

Other than the case described below, customers are understood to agree to the shipping price stated at the time of check out.

What happens if the weight of an item specified on the product page differs from the actual weight?

The weight specified for each product is an approximation that may differ from the actual weight. While the shipping fees displayed at the time of checkout are calculated based on the weight specified on the product pages, if upon shipping your package we find the weight to be significantly higher or lower than expected, we will either issue an appropriate refund or request additional funds to cover the actual cost of shipping. If you do not wish to do so, you will be given the option to cancel and refund your order.

What costs are included in the postage/shipping fees?

In order to be able to offer our products themselves at a price as close as possible to their Japanese retail prices, we include packing material costs and labor expenses incurred by international shipping processes along with the flat EMS shipping rate. In certain cases, duty tax and/or customs fees will be imposed on the package. Do take note that you, the customer, will be responsible for paying any extra charges. Also, custom clearance varies greatly between countries, so please find out more from your local customs jurisdiction.

Does your store charge Japanese sales tax?

No, we do not.

When will my items be shipped?

Your package will be shipped as soon as all the items in your order have been arranged on our end, and payment has been confirmed (or the next Japanese business day). You will receive a confirmation e-mail once it has been shipped.

If your items are in stock, the package will be sent out as soon as payment has been confirmed (or the next Japanese business day). If your items are pre-order or not in stock, the package will be sent out as soon as we have received them on our end, and payment has been confirmed (or the next Japanese business day). If your order includes both types of item, the package will be sent out once all the items in the order have been received on our end (usually after the release date of the latest pre-order item.)

Please note that there may be delays in delivery according to geographical area, traffic and weather conditions, custom clearance procedures, and stock availability.

Can I specify the date my order will arrive/be shipped?

We cannot guarantee a delivery date for your item, and we do not take requests to have your package shipped on a specific day. It will be shipped as soon as your package is ready on our end. In the case of an urgent issue, please contact us.

Can I change my delivery address?

You cannot change the delivery address once the order has been confirmed. In the case of an urgent change, please contact us.

Where is my EMS tracking number?

Your order page will update with your EMS tracking number once your item has been shipped. You can view it by following the link to 'view your order' in the shipping confirmation e-mail you will receive, or by logging into your account on our website and viewing the order page here.

Why does my order status say 'Unfulfilled'?

'Unfulfilled' means that we have not shipped your package, because we have not finished preparing the items in your order on our side. Your order may include pre-order items, or items on the way from the manufacturers. Once your package has been shipped, we will mark the order 'Fulfilled'. If you are concerned about your order, please contact us.

What kind of information do you include on the shipping labels?

When shipping, we only specify broad item types (eg. CD, DVD) and do not print product titles or descriptions on the shipping labels. We do not specify whether the item is R18+ or not.

My PayPal address is different from the address I registered for my order. Will this be an issue?

We will ship your package to the address you registered with our website when you made your order, regardless of your PayPal address. If you think you have made a mistake, please contact us directly.