(PS4) Granblue Fantasy Versus [Premium Edition, animate Limited Set]

(PS4) Granblue Fantasy Versus [Premium Edition, animate Limited Set]

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Release Date: 02/06/2020

※Pre-orders close January 6 2020.

※Please note that this item can only be shipped via EMS, as it contains piece(s) that are over 60cm long and therefore do not fit in small packet class boxes. Please understand that if you select an option other than EMS, we will not be able to ship it without contacting you and requesting that we change your shipping method.

■Genre: Battle Action RPG
■Developer: Cygames

Manufacturer Bonus:
◆Deluxe display box feat. original art
◆Deluxe soundtrack CD
◆Deluxe art book
◆Character pass (Character x5, Lobby Avatar Power-Specialized Vyrn)
◆PS4 Theme
◆PSN Avatar
◆Color Pack (included inside premium box)
※PS4 theme, PSN avatar set & color pack are planned to be released as purchasable items in the future.
※Some bonus content must be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in-game.
※Connection to the PlayStation Network is required to obtain all bonus content.
※A Granblue Fantasy account is required to obtain Granblue Fantasy linked bonus content.
※Subject to change without notice.

animate Bonus: B2 Tapestry (Characters: Lancelot, Percival, Siegfried, Vane)
※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.

animate Limited Set Bonus: B2 Monitor Cover Cloth Set of 2

Manufacturer Bonus: Granblue Fantasy In-Game Item Code (All Copies Packaged Bonus)

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