(Drama CD) Keyless Secret 2: The Merry Go Round Reflected on the Sea (Kagi no Nai Himitsu 2 - Umi ni Utsuru Merry Go Round) (CV. Nimaigai Hokki) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Keyless Secret 2: The Merry Go Round Reflected on the Sea (Kagi no Nai Himitsu 2 - Umi ni Utsuru Merry Go Round) (CV. Nimaigai Hokki) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 07/28/17

◆Recorded with dummy head mic

animate Limited Edition Bonus: "In the Winds of Onogoro" Bonus Disc

One fact had been forgotten: at rock bottom, there is "hope."

One man, one woman. The two of them felt such a strong tug of destiny upon their chance meeting that time melted away. However, devoted to his position, the man faltered - and though she sensed it, the woman went on pretending nothing was wrong. One man, one woman, simply biting their tongues.

If the two of them had met without the burden of their duties, would they have been able to follow their destiny right away?

"Secret" - something that is kept unknown by others.

However, the secret these two held was special - it sat in plain sight of the two of them, where it could be peeked upon at any time.

Fully recorded using a dummy head mic. We recommend using headphones - let the bewitching voice enchant your ears. Please enjoy it somewhere quiet, while you are alone.

"It's too dark to tell for sure, but it looks like this island is deserted."

He had gazed at the helicopter every day. It was a natural spectacle for children who lived on an island, but Tonaka Kiin only saw necessity - and inevitability.

The time he injured himself in 5th grade jumping off a cliff in a helicopter he made himself is still spoken of today. Despite that, despair was completely foreign to him. It was something like the way those who have never suffered stomach pains have no sense of where their gut is inside them.

He became a pilot without a second thought, and finally, he met you - his boss.

But to Kiin, that strong sense of discipline and order felt even higher than the cliff had that day.

01. White Storm 170818
02. Life on the Shore 170821
03. The Sea and Stars Make Love 170821
04. Rescue Signal 170824
05. Opposing Illusion 170827
06. Frustration 170827
07. Communication via Light 170830
08. Voiceless Joining 170906

≪Character Introduction≫
【Tonaka Kiin】
Occupation: Helicopter Pilot for Real Estate Company (Developer), Former Defense Force Helicopter Pilot
Age: 25
Birthday: July 28
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Looks: Naturally muscular. Droopy eyes which are cute when he smiles. Wears glasses.

Nimaigai Hokki

≪animate Limited Edition "In the Winds of Onogoro" Bonus Disc≫
Seeking to get away from the world, the two of you returned to the island. As soon as you arrive, Kiin embraces you passionately. Forcing embarrassing words from you, the waves surge over your body over and over again from Kiin's tireless movements, even as you reach your limits...
※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.

(C) d'Avrilmoon

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