(Drama CD) Who Killed Me? The Case of Masayuki (Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita noka -Masayuki no Baai-) (CV. Shinjin Sakurai)

(Drama CD) Who Killed Me? The Case of Masayuki (Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita noka -Masayuki no Baai-) (CV. Shinjin Sakurai)

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Release Date:30 November 2017

Specification: 2 CD
◆18+ recommended

"Again and again, I am killed for my love."

Mizuki Kindergarten was attended by the sons and daughters of well-to-do families. Among them, there were four most influential houses: Housen, Tsuji, Kouenji, and Ichimatsu. The members of these families were all close, and the parents had been childhood friends. And then - fifteen years ago - there was a horrific accident at Mizuki Kindergarten. Miraculously, one child survived - you. The bereaved families bore wounds deep in their hearts, which little by little ate away into their minds. At the sight of their broken wives, the husbands decided to bring in something to receive their outpouring love. Before long, each family had adopted a son. They were even each given colorful new names, in order to add color to the life of the one child who had been left alive. They dyed your world in gentle colors, and everyone believed that it would end happily, but...

Someone said, "The reason we are together was weird from the start. I rather think it's natural that things turned strange - don't you?"

Someone asked, "Did you know? The more you mix colors, the darker they get. You've been violated by everyone. You'll never be white again."

Someone lamented, "I know such a thing can never be forgiven."

Someone laughed, "Come on, I'll help you dye it again today. Don't worry, I'll still love you if it turns out weird."

Someone murmured, "There's nothing left for it. They must die."

A single event that sparked both love and hate, different perspectives, and different futures - experience the four part second installment in the series of "otome games experienced by ear," where you can choose a happy or bad ending, brought to you by OperettaTre!

Shinjin Sakurai

(c)Operetta Tre

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