(Drama CD) Melt and Float: Hot Springs (Onsen) (CV. Yotsuya Cider) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Melt and Float: Hot Springs (Onsen) (CV. Yotsuya Cider) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 07/31/2019
◆Recorded via dummy head microphone.
Specifications: Regular Edition CD +animate Limited Edition Special Mini Drama CD
Catalog Number: ANI-1523

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Special Mini Drama CD - Melt: Home of Waves

Packaged Bonus: Pocket Drama CD Bonus Special Mini Drama Audio Purchase Serial Code (First Run Copies Only)
※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.

"...Something about you just makes me get clingy. I guess you've been taking care of me from the start."

From adult women-oriented concept CD label Mitsuhana's sister label Mitsubomi comes a brand new situation CD series! The title is Melt and Float, abbreviated to MeruFuro. Entrust your heart and ears to this CD as it wraps you in the sounds of water and his voice, healing and stimulating. There are three volumes in total, each featuring a different situation involving the sound of water. Each volume also stars a different man, all played by Yotsuya Cider. Enjoy his sweet and gentle voice!

You were raised at a boarding house managed by your parents in the lush mountains. It's the rainy season, where the greenery grows thick, and your parents are using the lull in business to take a holiday - leaving you to run the place by yourself for a few days. One day, a male customer appears. He says he is on a solitary trip to ease his stress from work, but is now lost. He begins to show a strange interest in you...

Yazu Reiji: Yotsuya Cider


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