(Drama CD) Secret eMotion Seno Mizuki (CV. Tetrapod Noboru) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Secret eMotion Seno Mizuki (CV. Tetrapod Noboru) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 08/28/2019
◆Recorded via dummy head microphone.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus CD
Catalog Number: ANI-1531

animate Limited Edition Bonus: animate Exclusive Special Mini Drama CD - Future Promise (Special epilogue episode, recorded via dummy head mic)

"You even look adorable when you cry. Am I the only one who gets to see this side of you?"

Presenting volume 4 of the Secret eMotion Series of situation CDs depicting secret sex between you and your boyfriend as you awaken to soft BDSM!

"I want my beloved boyfriend to tease me!" "So long as it's with him, I'd be willing to do something a little freaky...!" If that sounds like you, then come satisfy your secretly masochistic heart with this sweet yet spicy kink overflowing with love from your man!

You and Mizuki are colleagues working in the editorial department of a publishing firm. You've been at the company longer than Mizuki, making you his sempai, but as you are actually the same age, the distance between you disappears naturally... and before you know it, you're sleeping together. The two of you had meant to keep things casual, but one night something happens that lights a fire in Mizuki...

Seno Mizuki : CV. Tetrapod Noboru

(C) mitsubomi

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