(Drama CD) Healing Days (CV. Manaka Sawa) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Healing Days (CV. Manaka Sawa) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 07/26/2019
※18+ Recommended.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus Disc

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus Disc - What he wants to do now
Takaaki goes on a business trip for a few days, leaving you to spend some rare time alone. When he returns, the first thing he does is kiss you deeply. Then he pushes you down right where you are, demanding...

Your greatest wish is granted when you finally get to live with the guy you've been dating since high school, Kiba Takaaki. On the day of the move, you mess up while unpacking and break the wrist of your dominant hand. Worried sick over you, your boyfriend starts working from home, and tells you he will give you his complete support. Being able to spend more time with him than ever before, you find not only your injury soothed, but also your heart...

Track 1 Unforeseen injury
Track 2 Complete support
Track 3 Healed, loved
Track 4 A gentle normal day
Track 5 Time of passion
Track 6 Together forever

≪Character ≫
Kiba Takaaki. 26 years old.
Your partner. You have been dating since high school when you met online. Your long distance relationship finally ends, and you begin living together. He works as an
architectural designer for a company. Ever since you were injured, he decided to work from home. Worries deeply about you, to the point of being smothering. Has never been angry with you even once.

You. 26 years old.
You were working at an office in your home town, but you've moved to the city to live with Takaaki. A serious girl who does her best, but you can also be a bit absent-minded.

Kiba Takaaki: CV. Manaka Sawa


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