(Drama CD) Scorching Attack (Shakunetsu Attack) (CV. Kuki Masaru) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Scorching Attack (Shakunetsu Attack) (CV. Kuki Masaru) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 07/26/2019
※18+ Recommended.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus Disc

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus Disc - Gentlemanly Nice Guy
You have to go to a work-related party, so you and Shishihara go clothes shopping. Afterwards, you head to a hotel, and try on the things you just bought. Shishihara looks very different in a suit, and even his behavior seems more gentlemanly...

You are a section supervisor at a major corporation, when an athletic guy named Shishihara is assigned to your team. He always gives everything his all, overflowing with enthusiasm, and you come to like him as a subordinate. However, he comes to like you as a woman - and begins a ferocious advance. He is straightforward with you about his feelings, but you're not into him. But then, he gives himself a make-over that starts to change everything around you...

Track 1. Passionate Change!
Track 2. Sudden Trouble!
Track 3. Violent Jealousy!
Track 4. Faltering Overline!
Track 5. Scorching Attack!
Track 6. Passionate Refrain!

≪Character ≫
Shishihara Gaku
23 years old. You are his supervisor at work. Athletic type, full of energy. Tackles everything with all he has. Stylish, but was never really aware of it - was too focused on club activities in his student days. But, now that he has decided he wants you to fall for him, he has been brushing himself up and has transformed into a hottie. He treats his advances on you the way he does work: full steam ahead.

26 years old. Working for a major corporation. Your methods are highly valued, and you have been made the leader of your section.
You have been too busy with work to have a boyfriend for several years, but you prioritize work over romance anyway.

Shishihara Gaku: CV. Kuki Masaru


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