(Drama CD) Off-Script Romance (Sono Koi wa daihon ni Noranai) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Off-Script Romance (Sono Koi wa daihon ni Noranai) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 08/30/2019
※18+ Recommended.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus Disc

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus Disc - Off
Shio visits your apartment for the first time. When he discovers a book of his photos in your bookshelf, he asks you to masturbate while looking at them. Watching you pleasure yourself excites him, and he starts to touch himself too...

Your long-time favorite actor Kiyama Shio has finally landed his first starring role in a stage play, and you go to see it... and you can't stop yourself from following him after the performance. He notices you just before he reaches his apartment, and he threatens to call the police on you... unless you sleep with him. When you wake up the next day, he orders you to stay with him for the duration of the show's run...

1. Opening Day
2. 2nd Day
3. 3rd Day
4. Suspending Performance
5. 4th Day
6. Final Show

≪Character ≫
Kiyama Shio
24 years old. A young actor who has recently started to rise in popularity. Has been working in the industry for six years. He has never been in love for real, so he is always being judged negatively for his performance in romantic scenes. He usually doesn't interact much with fans who wait for him outside, but for some reason he brushes it off when you follow him, and it sparks the beginning of a something.

26 years old. Office worker, living alone. A fan of Shio.

Kiyama Shio: CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku


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