(Drama CD) Kinky Lover (Hentai Kareshi) - Spanking (Tataki Otoko) (CV. Uta Kijima) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Kinky Lover (Hentai Kareshi) - Spanking (Tataki Otoko) (CV. Uta Kijima) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 09/13/2019
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus CD

Volume 3 of the Kinky Lover series! Your pretty boy childhood friend adores you, and calls you big sister... but he is extremely kinky, and loves spanking.

"Ahh, I can't hold back any longer..."

This man is abnormally aroused by spanking. Spanking creamy skin over and over until she cries out... How it makes her face look: tear-stained, twisted in agony, or swallowing the pain... He craves the sound it makes, the red skin that blooms after. And so begins this spank-loving man's descent into complete kink territory.

You are seeing Ayase, an unparalleled pretty boy, who has been your friend since childhood. You sense danger in how dependent you are becoming on each other, but you can't leave. One day, Ayase says he wants to do something that will secure your love to him - and reveals his desire to spank you. And so, you endure Ayase's spanking as the two of you have sex. When Ayase finally comes to his senses, he realizes he has actually hurt you, and tries to break up with you. Will you speak the truth and agree that you want to break up, or will you lie to him and say you don't want to, and ask him to spank you more...? Depending on your choice, this story can end in two very different ways. 
☆The Kinky Lover series features two endings.

≪Character ≫
Spanking Lover Ayase Mouda
CV: Uta Kijima
Age: 19
Height: 170 cm
Occupation: University Student (Philosophy Major) 
Personal History: Both his parents were actors famous for being lovebirds, but by the time Ayase was born, love had fizzled out. He is often praised for his unparalleled pretty face, and people around him try to get him into the entertainment path (modelling, etc.) but he politely declines. From elementary school, he attended a private academy that had an elevator system all the way through to university. Busy with work and uninterested in their marriage or their child, Ayase's parents left the task of raising him to helpers - but you, living in the neighborhood, doted on him like a little brother. He got all the affection he never got from his parents from you.

Love & Kink: 
100% focused on you. Completely uninterested in any other people (or living things.) He hides a rare kink: he is born sadist who is aroused by spanking, but exclusively about you.

(Outside Scenes) 
"Remember when we were little, and I was always pestering you to hold my hand every time we were together?"

(During Scenes) 
Oh, every time I smack your ass... your p*ssy reacts, big sister... Rub it against my c*ck...


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