(Album) Ashita Iro World End by mafumafu [First Run Limited Edition B]

(Album) Ashita Iro World End by mafumafu [First Run Limited Edition B]

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Release Date: 10/18/17

Specification: CD+DVD+3 Panel case(Jewel)
Catalog Number: GNCL-1275

animate Original Bonus: Maru-secret DVD Ver.A
※Bonus DVD contains same content as First Run Limited Edition A & B.
※General editions not eligible.

Packaged Bonus: Artist Photo Card (1 randomly selected from 6 types total)

※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.

01. [Nexus]
02. Rinne Tenshou
03. Tachiiri Kinshi
04. Nemureru Mori no Cinderella
05. Suisai Ginga no Chronicle
06. Yume no mata Yume
07. Futari Bocchi
08. [Anonymous]
09. Batsu Game
10. Fury
11. Akuma no Shoumei
12. Koi to Bitansan Soda
13. Jouya no Kuni no Asobikata
14. Super Nuko ni Naritai
15. [Lycoris]
16. Shuuten

【First Run Limited Edition B Bonus DVD】
・"Yume no mata Yume" Music Video & Making-of (Live-action ver.)
・"Rinne Tenshou" Music Video & Making-of (Live-action ver.)
・"Hikimomori demo LIVE ga shitai!" @Makuhari Messe
Live Footage (planned to include 2 songs)

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