(Drama CD) mariage Vol. 6 - Tito Del Vecchio (CV. Manaka Sawa) [animate Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) mariage Vol. 6 - Tito Del Vecchio (CV. Manaka Sawa) [animate Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 07/31/2019
◆Fully recorded via dummy head microphone.
Specifications: Main Feature CD + Bonus Disc

animate Limited Edition Bonus: Bonus Disc - Tito's Japanese Lesson
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Right now... we are more than lovers, but less than a wedded pair.

This is a love story about marriage, following you and your man as you prepare for your wedding all the way until the aftermath. Please enjoy the full gamut of thrill, nerves, rush and amorousness as you spend sweet time together.

"I could use up all my words and still not express how I feel... I'm just too happy."

You met a guy in Italy, and kept in touch over the internet. He comes to Japan, after which his feelings for you only grow. He makes passionate advances, and the two of you started dating. His enthusiasm hasn't changed since the day you met him. Although he doesn't seem very serious, he is actually very earnest - and he loves you with his whole heart.

1. Ceremony in 4 Weeks: Tito's Usual Habit
2. Ceremony in 4 Weeks: Japani-zu Hazu Sutairu?
3. Ceremony in 2 Weeks: Kanji Drill Victory
4. Day Before Ceremony: The Lord's Plan
5. Day of the Ceremony: Words of Love Spoken Together
6. First night
7. Afterwards

≪Character ≫
Tito Del Vecchio (27 years old) (CV: Manaka Sawa)
Italian. Works for a trading company. Came to work at the Japanese branch office half a year ago. The two of you moved in together two months ago. He saved you once when you got intro trouble traveling alone in Italy. His spoken Japanese is fluent, and he is currently studying kanji. He's very good at flattering women, just like a stereotypical Italian, but he is particularly passionate about bombarding you with words of love. Recently he's been into historical plays.

Tito Del Vecchio: CV: Manaka Sawa

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