(Blu-ray) Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION TV Series Vol. 7

(Blu-ray) Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION TV Series Vol. 7

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Release Date: 3/24/17
Specification: Blu-ray Disc + CD + Display Box
Product No.:TKAM-13


A tale of months brightened by music and song...

"TSUKIUTA. THE ANIMATION" went on air July 2016, and it's already been made into a package! This item is sold exclusively through animate.

Six Gravity ("Gravi") and Procellarum ("Procella") are idol units that are both rivals and brother units signed to the same agency, Tsukino Talent Production. They all live together in Tsukino Dormitory, which is somewhere in Tokyo, facing struggles and working their hardest as fledgling idols!

See these boys both in their shining, hardworking idol lives as well as their everyday down-to-earth lives that are no different to yours and mine!

--Gravi and Procella's lives as idols begins!

Episode 13: Song of the Moon
Gravi and Procella's joint live show is about to start!
Several months have passed since the joint live show was announced.
Looking back on the things they experienced during work and daily life during their busy days as fledgling idols, the members announce the performances they each thought of.
The finale show they've all put so much thought into is...!

"The fact that we can do a song like this, sing like this, is because of all the time we have all spent together. So, this song is for you."
"This is a present from us to all of you: Gravi and Procella. Within and without, we are one. Together we are complete the moon. Yeah, let's celebrate the birth of a full moon!"

Shiwasu Kakeru: Yuki Kaji
Mutsuki Hajime: Kosuke Toriumi
Kisaragi Koi: Toshiki Masuda
Yayoi Haru: Tomoaki Maeno
Uzuki Arata: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Satsuki Aoi: KENN
Minazuki Rui: Shouta Aoi
Fuzuki Kai: Wataru Hatano
Hazuki You: Tetsuya Kakihara
Nagatsuki Yoru: Takashi Kondo
Kannaduk Iku: Kensho Ono
Shimotsuki Shun: Ryohei Kimura
Tsukishiro Kanade: Masahiro Yamanaka
Kurotsuki Dai: Yasuhiro Mamiya

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